Brain games

Time to play, entertain and train your brain: with a series of brain games as word puzzles ad crosswords. Have fun!

LOGO BAW09 BAWOnly COL2 300x184 Brain gamesA series of brain games are available at the DANA foundation page and are distributed by its partners. SMS therefore links to a series of crosswords, word search games and puzzles for you to download and enjoy. These kind of games are not only entertaining and for you to enjoy, but it also trains your brain. It helps you to concentrate better on specific tasks, to see words in a croud of letters, to train you mind and stay sharp into old age.

These brain games are for all age-categories:word soup 281x300 Brain games

Brain-y cross word

Brain Diseases and Disorders word search

Brain Quote Cryptograms

Staying Sharp puzzle series

Words in a word

all in one: Complete packet of new high school-adult puzzles:

Mindboggling Workbook puzzle series

It’s Mindboggling! puzzle series

Words in a word

all in one: Complete packet of new K-12 puzzles

“Brain Sciences” word scramble

“Name Game” word game

“Word Search” word find

Forming Words

Solutions —> Puzzle Answers

“High Q” word scramble

“P.D.Q. Kids” word search

“Q & A” word game

“Q.E.D.” word scramble

“Word Scramble”

“New Game” word game

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