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What do I think? What do you think?
Why do I dream? Why can´t I remember my dreams?
Why am I afraid of some things, without any reason?
Why can´t I regenerate nerves?
Why does my heart beat increase when I get nervous?
Why do I see the lightning and hear the thunder?
Why can´t I see in the darkness but other animals can?
Why Why Why…. you know the answers? You would like to share your thoughts? You have more questions you want to be answered?

The brain awareness week is coming up in March! Science-meets-society will participate and invites you to do so as well.

What is the brain awareness week (BAW)?

The BAW is a worldwide campaign to increase public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research.
Every march all kind of activities are performed to further develop the public understanding, highlight recent findings and make the science and its achievements visible. Institutions, Universities, private organizations, schools and government agencies participate to make this week-long celebration of the brain a success.
The founders and coordinators are the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and European Dana Alliance for the Brain, and this year the BAW-campaing is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

You can participate now!
Publish your thoughts, your article, your cartoon, your image, your movie on science meets society in the brain awareness week. All kind of articles and ideas are welcome, using German, Spanish, English, Catalán, Italian, any language to communicate your thoughts. Guest writers will be hosted who hand in their contribution until the 10th of march of 2010 and their articles will be highlighted, some translations performed and information on who you are added (if you wish).

Get connected. You have a blog a book or whatever concearning the brain? You want to share your ideas on who is doing nice research,which book is good, where to find nice images, movies etc? Tell us about it and we will link to your page or mention you and your idea in an article. Or just put the information in the comment field below each article.

Rules: There are no strict rules, only the usual ones.
- Don´t write a book, maybe stick to max. 2-3 pages. You may also just write some sentences. Or hand in a word? It will appear in a Brain-awareness-word-cloud!
- Choose a language people will understand, don´t use too many scientific terms, since nobody will understand you
- Don´t offend anybody with your testimony and expressions
- This is no commercial platform but an initiative for science communication, please respect this fact.
- If you hand in an image or movie, please tell us who took this picture how and what it shows.
- Plagiarism is not wanted, only share such contributions where you are the author or all rights are reserved to you .

Surprise us with your proposals! We are very much looking forward to your participation.

Send it to info(at)!

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  1. I searched for “Brain Awareness” on Twitter and discovered your blog. I write about the brain-mind link as it applies to education, and I’m promoting Brain Awareness Week events in my school for the third year in a row. In the past I’ve simply given talks at our whole-school assembly; this year I’ve invited a guest speaker to join us to present to the whole school about the gene-brain-behavior link, I’ve worked with a student who wants to make a presentation about the Autism spectrum, and I have other students working to make posters and perhaps come up with other ideas. Do you know of any other schools that are planning Brain Awareness Week events?


  2. Uli sagt:

    Hi Jonathan, I suppose that many schools have lots of activities, but I would recommend the official DANA page to get more information. Sorry that I can´t help and give more specific information.
    Dana page:


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