Brain Awarness word cloud

Brain awarness weekword cloud

When you see those images….

When you hear the words brain, neuron or nervous system…

mouse brain adult.jpg Brain Awarness word cloud

mouse brain by UBB

mouse brain saggital.jpg Brain Awarness word cloud

mouse brain by UBB

Which words are the first one to pop up in your brain? Which thoughts? Which image do you see?

What comes to your mind?

Tell us your brain-words!

In the brain awarness week all words that you have send us will be represented in a brain awarness word cloud identifying which words were mentioned, which are the most popular, which the rarest ones.

Share your thoughts with us to make this word cloud representative!

Popularity: 6% [?]

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  1. Elena sagt:

    two cat feet seen from below


  2. Thomas sagt:

    Words that come to my mind:
    - neuroscience
    - fascinating
    - cognition
    - memory
    - self


  3. Felix Bohne sagt:

    Thanks a lot for these contributions!
    The Authors


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