do penguins fly?

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It all starts with a question. And then you seek the answer. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes you will never find the answer and just hope that somebody else does. Your just hope your hypothesis is right. You have a feeling… but without a proof this isn´t worth much.

That´s science.

For instance this question: do penguins fly?

…do we know the answer, for now they do not. All research hints out to the fact that they don´t. Therefore that´s the truth, and until nobody says otherwise, pinguins just don´t fly!

Just like shown in this cartoon a scientist has a question, reaches out for the answer, and even if you once have the chance to see the proof, you need to validate your results and make them visible and credible for others. Even though I am pretty shure that penguins can´t fly and that there is enough evidence that they can´t, there are many other believes nowadays, that might no longer be true in the future. Novel technologies and approaches might give us an insight into details, we can´t even dream off at the moment. And then changes might happen, just as in former times people had to learn that the world is not flat and the earth not the center of the universe. Changes hopefully won´t be this drastic, since our technologie already can very much go into details, but who knows. I am looking forward to all the new data science is gathering, that will show us the world from a different perspective.

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