“It’s just an Illusion” or: self animating images

I found these mind blowing pictures in an article of Colin Barras in The New Scientist, where he colorfully describes their effects on travel sickness. I can imagine.

rotsnake Its just an Illusion or: self animating images
Courtesy: Ming-Te Chi

These pictures were produced by assistant professor Ming-Te Chi at the Department of Computer Science, National Chengchi University and presented at he SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference in Los Angeles. They tried to analyze these effects, occurring in hand drawn pictures of the artist Akiyoshi Kitaoka. It is not really clear what produces the malperception of movement, but color couplings and so called small repeated asymmetric patterns (RAPs) seem to do the trick, which is amplified if you group them further. What do we learn from that? For sure, that we should not always believe what our brain makes us believe is real. And for me it is clear fun to watch them.

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