brains rule!

If you open the Brains rule page a brain just starts talking to you – so don´t be surprised where this voice comes from.

This page offers lots of educational material for neuroscientific topics. It not only helps teachers with material they can use for their classes, but also contains many interactive games.

Brain attack shows you stepwise what happenes if the brain suffers an attack and which regions are affected, what type of information they usually process in a healthy brain, like vision, language or motor coordination etc.

The neuron laboratory expects you to be active and find out what´s wrong with Frankenstein. Find the key by giving the correct answers to the questions you are given.

The principle Investigator for the Brains Rule! Project is Dr. Zardetto-Smith, an Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska Omaha , who has been active in science education and promoting women in science for several years.

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