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You have a nerdy baby? Or are just you a nerd and your poor little creature will suffer from it? Then this nerdy baby stuff is just perfect for you:

ABC 500 nerdy baby

If you like to play cards, if your child learns to count or the ABC, why not teach him/her directly more things like A=Atom, B=binary code… or count one electron, two magnetic poles…

Since children are supposed to have brains like sponges, they for shure will like it. The problem might be, that the child will ask what an electron is or why there are 2 magnetic poles, so get prepared for that. Now you might be afraid and rather teach your child things the`easy way´, using only topics you are able to explain, but… don´t fool yourself, children will ask those questions and, at some point, you will have to answer them or find somebody who does.
Have fun with this fantastic toys and artwork by Tiffany Ard and don´t be afraid of beeing a nerd!


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