40 000 Year old Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Volcanic ashes seem to deliver a clue on how long humans live in central america. The team around Silvia Gonzalez, a geoarchaeologist at Liverpool John Moores University dug out an ancient layer of volcanic ashes in Valsequillo Basin, central Mexico. A foot shaped imprint, which was scanned threedimensional with a laser, turned out to be a human footprint. Although human remains have been found in this region previously, an accurate dating has been impossible and the exact timepoint had been debated controversially. Now, these findings allowed for a dating and suggested an age of around 40 000 years, which is astonishing, since so far, scientists believed, that the migration of humans to central america took place around 20 000 years ago. So, willing or not, an early human left his mark just like the stars do today at the Hollywood Boulevard.

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