Batman goes for a drink, but doesen´t exaggerate it!

Ethanol occurs in fleshy fruits upon ripening, because of microbiological and fruit-innate sugar fermentation. Up to some percentage, it´s a nutrient but becomes toxic above a specific threshhold. To unravel the influence of alcohol on feeding behaviour of frugivorous bats (Egyptian fruit bats, Rousettus aegyptiacus), the group of F. Sanchez challenged the animals with rising amounts of ethanol mixed into their food (Sánchez F et al. 2008; Naturwissenschaften). [PubMed]

 Batman goes for a drink, but doesen´t exaggerate it!

It was predicted, that a food-restricted forager would value ethanol-containing food lower than ethanol-free food. They found out, that high concentrations of ethanol decrease the value of the meal for a well-fed animal, but food-restricted animals didn´t decide between ethanol-containing and free food. So they hypothezized, that alcohol-producing microorganisms could change the behavioral patterns of seed-spreading foragers. But further experiments with non-captive animals are needed to ensure these results.

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