Korean Custom Authorities clone their best sniffer dog…

Chase is the best sniffer dog of the South Korean customs and because of that, he has been cloned seven times. All puppies are called Toppy (Tomorrow’s Puppies) and were cloned from body cells and were carried to term by three surrogate dog mothers.

<%image(/20080423-chase.jpg|180|180|cloned sniffer dog chase)%>
Image: Archive REUTERS

Of course one immediately remembers Hwang Woo Suk, who misleadingly claimed he had cloned human cells to produce an embryo. This was proven wrong after immense critics, but the former cloning of a dog embryo by his group was true. The purpose of these undertakings is to establish the methods for a reproduction center pulling money out of cloned puppies for rich customers. In this case, the customs authorities of course hope that the puppies bear the same superior traits for their work as a sniffer dog. If this would be the case, the longlasting process of selection of these “working” dogs could be shortened. But the professional training of course can´t be bypassed by genetic techniques.

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