New compound that could prevent cancer!

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In an announcement of the University of Oklahoma, a new class of compounds, known as flexible heteroarotinoids (Flex-Het) was proposed as a possible preventive therapeutic agent against cancer. The group around D. Benbrook already published an article in June of last year, containing promising results on this molecule which is a relative of vitamine A. [PubMed]. In this former article they showed that Flex-Het resulted in apoptosis induction in an ovarian cancer cell line but not in comparable normal cell culture. Additionally, the generation of reactive oxigen species (ROS) was observed, which is a cell destructing agent. Furthermore, this effect was not abolished by several antioxidant reagents, which usually counteract this process.
In their newest announcement through the Universities press release, they now demonstrated, that Flex-Het is also capable of mediating cell death on a wide variety of 12 different cancer variants. Even more promising is the fact, that it also prevents transformation of normal into cancer cells and inhibits vascularization, the ingrowing of blood vessels, which are a prerequesite for tumor growth.
The researchers now want to decypher the molecular mechanisms mediating this effect and are planning the mandatory clinical trials to start in the next five years. In the case, that the compound proofs to be safe in humans, the goal would be the development of a pill which could be administered regularly as a preventive medication and also following clinical cancer treatment to prevent recurrence of the tumor. If this works, it would be a milestone in cancer therapy.

Liu, T., Hannafon, B., Gill, L., Kelly, W., Benbrook, D. (2007). Flex-Hets differentially induce apoptosis in cancer over normal cells by directly targeting mitochondria. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 6(6), 1814-1822. DOI: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-06-0279

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