Personalized treatment for cancer patients

A call for a more personalized analysis and further treatment for oncology patients!

personalized medicine 300x276 Personalized treatment for cancer patientsThe jorunal of proteome research presents a call from the authors Cristobal Belda- Iniesta, Javier de Castro, and Rosario Perona, who highlight the importance of a personalized medical treatment for each patient. The importance and positive outcome of the right medical strategy used for each patient is becoming more and more obvious.  As shown in a figure in the publication, patients who are clinically identical and morphologically the same, for now receive similar therapeutic approaches. However, their response can vary from no or only a partial to a complete response and include different levels of toxicity. The authors propose to add new targeted therapies and treatments to the already established staging systems which will make this approach feasible. They therefore delineate the unmet needs for clinical oncologists, which will enable them to meet the needs of the patient.

The idea is to analyze protein biomarkers in each patient, which would allow a more specific determination of the cancer type and the response to the treatment. This recent knowledge about cancer cells is just starting to be applied to patients. However an initial increased effort from the medical personal is needed. They will have to collaborate among each other, among hospitals and research centers and the governments at national as well as on international level. Only then cancer-related proteins can be identified which will enable physicians and researchers to develop the adequate strategy for each patient and adapt it in order to apply it in  a personalized treatment.

rb2 tiny Personalized treatment for cancer patientsBelda- Iniesta, C., de Castro, J., & Perona, R. (2010). Translational Proteomics: What Can You Do for True Patients? Journal of Proteome Research DOI: 10.1021/pr100853a

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