Smallpox virus uses camouflaging as garbage.

Thats really “DIRTY”. The group around J. Mercer now found out, that viruses belonging to the family of vaccinia virus seem to use a vicious mechanism to deceive their target cells. (Jason Mercer and Ari Helenius, 2008, Science). [PubMed]

180px EM smallpox%2C grown via tissue%2C isolate by centrifuge Smallpox virus uses camouflaging as garbage.

They activate messengers which makes the cell believe, that what she sees is debris from cells, which underwent programed cell death. Since there are specialized cells circulating the body to clean up this waste and also to acquire proteins form potentially infected cells to use as antigens, this is a perfidious trick, to enter these cells. Another nice example of what coevolution in time is capable.

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  1. Jason Mercer sagt:

    This is not a poxvirus


  2. fee sagt:

    I know! Didn’t have a picture! Changed it now!


  3. Jason Mercer sagt:

    Thanks, I was just playing around..

    All the best



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