Testosterone amplifies earnings of brokers at stock exchange

Now it is clear! Beeing “really” male, increases the benefits at the stock exchange market!

The authors made it clear by collecting saliva samples of 12 brokers of the london stock exchange. These were analysed for the levels of testosterone in the morning and in the evening. The amount of the endogenous steroid, the “male” hormone, was compared to the daily profits and revealed a correspondence (J. M. Coates and J. Herbert, 2008, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. ). [PubMed]
Their hypothesis is that the steroids increase the traders self-confidence and lead to a higher readiness to assume risk. This ends seamingly in better performance in acordance to the rules of the stock exchange market. I don´t want to speculate, but could this be the remains of a long gone time, when the ability to handle risky situations was a clear evolutionary advantage?
I wonder how the results would have been like with a regression going on like nowadays?

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