Mothers diet influences babys gender?

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This might sound a little intriguingin the first moment: The sex of the evolving baby is of course, depending on the X- or Y-chromosome, carried by the fertilizing sperm, which upon fusion with the X-chromosome carrying egg, determines the fetus’ sex. Furthermore, factors like lifespan and the swimming velocity influence the gender. Therefore, if ovulation already took place, the fast swimming Y-chromosome bearing male sperms have better chances. In contrast, if sex takes place before ovulation, female sperms, enabled to survive longer due to higher energy resources are in advantage.

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A new study has now stated an influence of the mothers energy intake around conception, with an increased possibility of a female baby upon calory rectriction. (F. Mathews et al. 2008 Proc Biol Sci) [PubMed]. How this effect is manifested is further unclear, but the diet of the mother rather influences the fertilizing sperm than the survival of the eggi. Alltogether this effect is minor, but significant over a long period of time.

Mathews, F., Johnson, P.J., Neil, A. (2008). You are what your mother eats: evidence for maternal preconception diet influencing foetal sex in humans. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, -1(-1), -1–1. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2008.0105

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